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Our Purpose

Shore Community Church

Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving the World

Loving God means pursuing a deepening relationship with Father, Son and Spirit, both individually and in community. We seek to grow together in the grace of God and we encourage one another toward experiencing more of God’s transforming power in our lives and our faith community. To this end we engage in personal and communal practices that direct our hearts toward God—like prayer, reading and studying Scripture, worship, and sharing communion together.

Loving each other means connecting with each another and caring for each other in practical ways as a family. Our goal is to create the kind of community Jesus envisaged, where nobody stands alone and everybody has a strong sense of belonging and solidarity. Becoming this kind of community means practicing kindness, service, forgiveness, hospitality, reconciliation, warmth and generosity toward one another.

Loving the world involves participating in God’s mission on earth. It’s about bringing hope to individuals and communities by showing and sharing God’s love with others. This missional focus comes through both word and deed. We have good news to share with people about the hope and healing that are available in Jesus. And we seek to demonstrate this good news by serving others in Jesus’ name, both in our local communities and beyond.

Shore Community Church
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