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ShoreKids provides age-based Sunday School ministry, during the church service, for children aged 0 to school Year 6.

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Sprouts: Under 2s

Sprouts is a safe space where parents can drop-off or stay with their 0-2 yr old children at any time during the service. This space is supervised by trained volunteers and has age-appropriate toys.


Bounce: 2-3 yr olds

Bounce is a ministry in which 2-3 yr olds begin to discover who God is through music and stories from the Bible. Bounce starts at 10am, when the church service begins.


Basecamp: 4-5 yr olds

Basecamp is a fun and purposeful programme  for 4-5yr olds, based around God’s big story (the Bible). Basecamp starts at 10am.


Boost: 6 yr olds to school Year 6

Boost helps children understand the big story of the Bible, discover more of who God is and come to know Jesus in a personal way. Boost kids join the adults for the first part of the church service.


Parents, please register your children for these ministry areas before the service starts at 10am. Registration for all kids programmes happens in Kiwi Block.

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