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Albany Junior High School Gym
17 Appleby Road, Albany, Auckland

Welcome to
Shore Community Church

We're a community of imperfect people who are loved perfectly by God. Located in the heart of Auckland’s North Shore, we are a church with a relaxed ethos that emphasises biblical teaching. We are purposeful about serving one another and our local communities as we grow in relationship with Jesus together.


Our preaching focuses on connecting biblical truth with real life. Each year we work through a book of the Bible, interspersed with topical series.


We gather each Sunday corporately to worship. Each week there are also church events focused on specific ages and interests.


To get connected at Shore we encourage people to take a step beyond Sunday mornings. Check out one of our LifeGroups


A church community is like a human body. In a healthy body, each part is connected and is working properly to help strengthen the whole person. We encourage every person at Shore to serve.

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